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StrenuMed offers a variety of
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Engineering Services

Handpiece Design

The StrenuMed team has a long history of cordless power surgical instrument design and development.
From designing one of the first cordless large bone handpieces to the latest neurosurgical cranial screw systems we have been at the forefront of medical cordless technology. We can apply our battery chemistry expertise to maximize your unique instruments power requirements. Let StrenuMed's in-house expertise assist you in your surgical power tool products.

Electronic Design
StrenuMed can design your own unique electronics. We specialize in:

> Autoclavable Electronic Packages – Electronic modules capable of surviving the harshest environments of heat, steam and pressure.

> Circuit Design – Motor control packages, battery chargers, and testers, electro-mechanical assemblies.

> R/F Wireless – Analog and digital circuits, wireless digital and remote control in regulated medical environments.

> Testing & Design Verification – Performance and Compliance testing for IEC and international EMC safety testing, thermal cycle and autoclave survivability.

> System Design – Design for manufacturability and cost, test requirements and performance specification, sourcing and documentation.

Please call or e-mail us with your motor control module or electronic needs.


Motor Design
StrenuMed's focus on Brushless Permanent Magnet 3-phase motors allows our handpieces to deliver high power in the surgical environments. We specialize in the compact, high power motor design essential for success in medical handpiece markets. These motors can be custom designed for your specialized product needs.

As an FDA registered, ISO certified medical manufacturing facility StrenuMed provides the cost effective quality needed for your low volume surgical electro-mechanical products. Please allow us the opportunity of providing these services to you.