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StrenuMed offers a variety of surgical handpiece battery packs, chargers and a battery tester for use in hospitals, medical centers and clinics. We also offer a line of electronic motor control modules and parts for repair.

StrenuMed was the first orthopedic power tool company to offer replacement battery packs. We offer a variety of battery packs for your power surgical instruments. STR-2000, STR-3000 Extended Run, STR-4000 and the STR-5000 battery packs will easily operate the Stryker® systems 2000, 4 and 5 surgical instruments. State of the art NiCad rechargeable cells power each battery pack. To increase battery run time, the STR-3000 Extended Run battery has 40% more power than your standard battery pack.

StrenuMed also repairs various types of surgical battery packs.
Please call us for the complete list.

StrenuMed produces medical grade autoclavable replacement electronics for your power surgical handpieces. These include motor control modules and electronic components for large and small bone cordless instruments.

These robust electronic modules are designed to survive the harshest autoclave sterilization processes including heat, moisture, pressure and vibration. We also design and manufacture custom medical grade electronics for your products.

Electronic products can be purchased as easy-to-install units or can be factory installed. Please call or e-mail us with your motor control module or electronic needs.

As with our electronics, StrenuMed motors provide high power in the most extreme autoclave conditions. We have a variety of motors to fit your power tool needs. Our 2000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 style motors are durable, robust and powerful. Let us show you the difference.

The patented StrenuMed Battery Tester will quickly determine the amount of charge in your rechargeable surgical instrument battery packs. This lightweight and compact battery tester uses large, multi-colored LED’s for an easy, instantaneous read.

The Battery Tester coupled with the Universal Adaptor can test a wide variety of the latest powered surgical battery packs.


The Universal Adaptor allows you to charge or test almost any powered surgical battery pack on the market. This patented unique adaptor will fit onto the StrenuMed 2-Bay Charger to charge an array of Stryker® and Linvatec® battery packs. This adaptor will also fit onto the StrenuMed Battery Tester to test all of the same batteries.