About StrenuMed

StrenuMed is a trusted global leader in design and manufacturing of medical devices. We bring superior engineering design and developmental expertise to the science of cordless surgical handpieces. Our products are used in numerous countries all over the world.

We are a company that constantly seeks opportunities to improve outcome. Our growth has come from a variety of innovative, high-quality products and services resulting from the dedication or our employees. We were the first to offer competitive powered surgical battery packs, chargers and autoclavable electronics and motors.

StrenuMed – Origin of our name.

Company Bio's

Doug Walker
Douglas W. Walker

Doug Walker co-founded StrenuMed in 1995 with the vision of offering creative orthopedic accessories at a competitive price.

Prior to starting StrenuMed, Mr. Walker was an Engineering Manager with Zimmer Hall Surgical. He has held numerous engineering roles in medical device companies such as Micro-Aire, Mentor Corporation and Johnson & Johnson. He began his career 1985 in a U.C.S.D. Hospital Orthopedic Biomechanics lab studying the effects of cranial screws.

Mr. Walker holds a B.S. in Bio-Medical Engineering from Tulane University and a MBA from Pepperdine University. He currently holds 6 patents and is a published author of medical design articles


Brenda Acosta
Brendalie Acosta

Vice President Marketing

Brenda Acosta has served as Vice President of Marketing at StrenuMed since 1995. She is also a co-founder.

Prior to joining StrenuMed, Ms. Acosta served as a Product Manager with Kendall Devon Industries. She has also held a Product Manager position with Zimmer Hall Surgical specializing in Small Bone orthopedics and Maxio-facial implants.

Ms. Acosta holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and a Medical Marketing Certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles The Anderson School of Management. Ms. Acosta oversees global marketing management as well as corporate sales.



Patents & Certificates

6,887,244 B1
7,212,392 B2
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7,406,899 B2

Patent Applications

ISO 9001:2008



Cordless Surgical Handpiece With Disposable Battery and Method
Apparatus And Method For Testing And Indicating Battery Charge And Functionality
Cordless Surgical Handpiece With Disposable Battery And Method
Personal Body Grounding System, Instrumentation, And Process
Powered Surgical Screwdriver
Automatic Feed Medical Screwdriver

Automatic Feed Medical Screwdriver
Personal Body Grounding System Instrumentation and Process
Powered Surgical Screwdriver
Disposable Battery pack for a Surgical Drill, and Method

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